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The Jungloo

Our tented bungalow, a glamping alternative fit for tropical conditions.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

Magic of travel, back to Nature...these global aspirations have to be combined with environment consciousness and eco-friendly innovations.

Here are some important characteristics of the Jungloo, a project designed for camping in style and in phase with our fragile tropical ecosystem:

Minimal Physical Footprint

Spacious (50 m2) and easy to deploy, our ready-to-assemble structures do not require permanent foundation, only precasted concrete stilts. Ideal for installation (and removal) in remote areas.

Natural Heat & Humidity Control

The double skin thermic regulation ensures natural airflow cooling the outside walls, while keeping the humidity outside. Inside the Jungloo, you feel as close to the natural environment as under a tent, yet in a sturdy, reliable structure.

Sustainable Air Conditioning

In addition to aeration vents and fans, an AC device cools down the sleeping area at night, regulating the temp in the whole jungloo during the day.

Bamboo & Recycled Wood Furniture

In association with several partners involved in bamboo and sustainable timber projects, we're designing a versatile line of furniture, easy to transport and assemble on site, as well as adapted to various configurations on request.

Land or Water Versatility

The Jungloo floating version has been time-tested, bringing a new experience in tropical environment.

Sun Kissed Energy

The hollow tubes of the Jungloo structure connect to a solar-heated water tank at the back. Bungalows are equipped with ultra low consumption bulbs, and autonomous solar lamps provide lighting to our retreats' pathways.

Galmping at the gates of Angkor

The Jungloos at Templation Angkor Resort, a sought-after destination since 2018.

Jungloo V2 -- Work in Progress

We are fine-tuning a Jungloo visually and structurally even more adapted to Cambodian terrain and climate.


Ready to become a development partner or an investor in the Jungloo Project? Contact us.