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supporting culture & arts

Culture, heritage and creativity are the engines of the society, a driving force behind tourism flows. Taking an active role brings value to the destination itself, as well as in the eyes of the visitors.

  • Launched in 2016 as an online platform and a physical library at Templation Angkor Resort, Angkor Database currently carries 1,200 print books, 200 e-books, some 3,000 e-documents, 340 author’s bioprofiles, some 45,000 photographs, 250 videos, 230 maps.
  • With 13K monthly visitors and growing, the website is now referenced as a useful and unique tool for Cambodian and international researchers, and for all Angkor lovers. Much more than a mere aggregator of sources on Angkor and Ancient Khmer civilization, it creates original contents such as authors bios, books and publications reviews, specific research documents or photo collections.
  • It is the one and only platform gathering research and contribution by authors from Cambodia, Southeast Asia, India, China, and the Western world.

photo: Cambodian influencers Navee, Raksa and Melia at ADB Library, June 2023.

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  • Established in 2012, New Cambodian Artists (NCA) is the first female contemporary dance company in Cambodia. They have been developing a culture of contemporary dance throughout Cambodia, believing in female empowerment through creative expression.
  • Initially based in Siem Reap, with frequent traveling to rural communities in order to tell stories about women through creative contemporary dance, the company has resettled in Phnom Penh in 2022, with their dance studio, STUDIONOW, hosted at Aquation Green Office Park, Koh Pich.
  • As the first Cambodian dance company invited to the Zürcher Theater Spektakel (ZKB) in Switzerland, the dynamic duo has toured Europe in 2023, engaging audiences with their own vision of contemporary Cambodian dance theatre.

photo: Ny and Khun 2023 performance program.

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  • Founded in December 2019, shortly after HRH Princess Norodom Buppha Devi's passing away, the school perpetuating the legacy of the Royal Ballet of Cambodia initially rehearsed at Aquation Office Park. Some 150 students, from age 5, now join the weekly training sessions.
  • School students and trainers regularly perform at Treellion Park and STUDIONOW, Aquation Office Park. New choreographies are presented to the public.

photo: school rehearsal in Koh Pich, Sept. 2023.

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  • Published in May 2021, the complete compilation of HRH Princess Norodom Rasmi Sobbhana's recipes with a historical introduction (English and Khmer edition) is successfully distributed and promoted by a network of volunteers in Cambodia and worldwide.
  • All sales proceeds go to founding the Samdech Rasmi Sobbhana Scholarship at the Royal University of Fine Arts (RUFA). In February 2024, the first three sophomore recipients (Faculty of Visual Arts) have been selected.

photo: ceremony for the completion of the book at Sacred Dancers of Angkor Conservatory, Banteay Srei, Sept. 2020.

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  • Since 2006, we have organized or supported art exhibitions with renowned or emerging Cambodian artists like Em Riem, Tang Sothea, Chhan Dina, Kim Hak, David Holliday, Chea Serey, Denis Laurent, Kok Thlok Artists, Yamada School of Arts, RUFA Etching Studio...
  • Live music and dance is also encouraged with concerts and performances at DIB Club and our hotels. The prestigious music label Klapyahandz - ក្លាបយ៉ាហ៊ែន has selected Aquation Office Park for its recording studio and offices.
  • Treellion Park in Koh Pich regularly hosts events such as Afrodisia Festival, Street Dance by Reonce, and more. Statues created by RUFA and Norton University art students in the 1990s are redecorated and given a new life thanks to contemporary artists.
  • Latest exhibition: Angkor 1968, Glimpses on a Fragile Paradise, never seen before photographs by Solange Brand, Nov 2023 at Templation Siem Reap and Penh House Phnom Penh.

photo: Kok Thlok leather mask exhibition at Plantation Phnom Penh, Oct. 2018.

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