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Featuring the new MAADS hospitality concept: eclectic rooms, changing moods. When your room becomes part of your travel experience.

Eclectic Variations on Your Typical Hotel Room

Floating, movable, repurposed: MAADS Hotels Collection is now adding eclectic rooms, firstly in Koh Pich (Diamond Island) area, near or on the River.

Two of these options for urban staycation are inspired by The Jungloo concept: Jungloo Park, a new version of the initial tented bungalow we have developed since 2016, and Floating Jungloo, next to Floatation, the trendy floating lounge and bar.

Next, singular rooms will be developed within repurposed structures: the Treellion Park water tower, offering a spectacular view on Phnom Penh Four Rivers, and reconverted containers on the river bank.

With the same streamlined decoration and furniture that has become MAADS signature, each accommodation is informed by its specific environment, giving out a different sense of space and mood, a new kind of connection with the urban context.

Eclectic, as in 'deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources'. And eclectic as in a philosophy of space inviting to 'think out of the box', to reinvent repurposed structures in a fresh perspective.

Floating Jungloo: The River and You

Initially active on the Areksat shore, the floating bungalow has just been refurbished and updated. Overnight in style on the water, with the new Phnom Penh suspended bridge in the background.

Floating Jungloo Discovery Rate

Starting from Phnom Penh Water Festival 2023, spend a memorable night on the Mekong River and save!

Bookings: email us or call +85577406185

Jungloo Park: Jungle Feel in the City

Shaded by Treellion Park trees, Phnom Penh largest green space, the Jungloo V2 offers high ceilings, natural ventilation, privacy open to verdant environment.

  • Size: 50 m2
  • King-size bed
  • En-suite bathroom, separate toilet, lounging area, desk, terrace overlooking the river.
  • Guests: 2 maximum.
  • Dinner and drinks next door at Floatation
  • Rates: 88 USD (breakfast included)
  • Booking via Airbnb &

The Towering Room

Repurposed water tower overlooking green areas and rivers. When you feel like staying above the fray.

  • Size: in development
  • King-size bed
  • En-suite bathroom, separate toilet, lounging area, desk, wraparound balcony with breathtaking views (15-meter high)
  • Private plunge pool
  • Guests: 2 maximum.
  • Rates: 88 USD (breakfast included)
  • Booking TK

About Maadest

A room to stay for a night, two, or more: this is a staple of modern travel, isn't it? With a two-decade long experience in hospitality service around Cambodia, with branded boutique hotels and resorts that have met accolades for many years, Maads has started to explore new accommodation concepts, to shake up the routine of "just staying in some hotel".

Maadest is just about that: eclectic rooms that can be a unit by itself somewhere among lush gardens, repurposed sites, new structures made of environment-friendly materials, or even re-designed rooms in existing hotels or resorts.

All of them with the same purpose and spirit: inspire a real sense of the space, a more personal, genuine feel of the wondrous country of Cambodia.

Contact us for more information.