Escape to our Nature Retreat

Just a three-hour drive from Phnom Penh’s busy streets, two mountain chalets with 6 rooms and suites nestled in the pine forest. Fresh air, cool and star-studded nights, trekking and cycling amid a pristine natural environment.

Favorite destination of the capital city’s artists, musicians and “beautiful
people” during Cambodia’s Golden Age in the 1960s, Kirirom remains the
perfect spot for unwinding during a weekend, spending a revigorating and hassle-free break
among trees and gentle hills.

Kirirom Mountain Lodge offers 6 simple yet stylishly decorated rooms and suites, several decks and terraces for picnics and dinners al fresco. Camping gear is available for visitors wishing to sleep under the stars on the property.

You can now book the entire place for family events, friends outings
or yoga retreats
at discounted rates, with accommodations for up to
twenty guests.

Please note: Due to the station's remote, hilly location, WiFi service is limited to common areas.

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